The Bribery Act & DocRead

The Bribery Act came into force in the UK on 1st July 2011. The Act now makes it illegal for organisations to allow their associated persons (employees, contractors, third parties etc.), to bribe another person (usually to win business). 

However, if an organisation can prove that they have adequate procedures in place to educate and train those persons from bribing others, then they can indemnify themselves against prosecution.

Anti-Bribery Action Plan

DocRead for SharePoint is the perfect vehicle for ensuring that your policies and guidelines are communicated to groups of users in your Organisation. This section is dedicated to illustrating how you can begin to protect your organisation against criminal prosecution. Collaboris partner with a number of legal firms that can help write customised bespoke policies that match the requirements of your organisation.

To begin to understand how DocRead can be implemented in your organisation and help you meet the anti-corruption guidelines, you will need to follow an action plan as detailed below:

Define anti-bribery adequate procedures

The Bribery Act has serious implications for your business with the new offence of 'failing to prevent bribery'. It is therefore imperative that your Company ensures it has adequate procedures in place throughout all aspects of the organisation, and that they are fully backed and supported by your CEO and senior management teams.


Develop anti-bribery policies and guidance documents

To help protect your organisation against potential prosecution from breaking laws as set out in the Bribery Act, it is essential that you create a set of policies that all associated persons in your organisation are required to read.


Use DocRead to distibute your policies and track who reads them

Once you have defined what your anti-bribery plan is and created your bribery act policies and guidance, the last step is the most important! Now you are ready to distribute your policies so that associated persons actually read and acknowledge them. This last step is easier than you think using DocRead for SharePoint.


Have you heard about DocRead Smart Move?

"Smart Move" refers to the technology that detects when a user joins or leaves a group or audience. DocRead is able to utilise Smart Move to ensure that your users only ever receive the correct policies and procedures. This makes it ideal for on-boarding, secondments, new project work, external contractors and many other uses. When we ask for feedback, Smart Move is often voted as DocRead's most powerful feature. Read how Smart Move can save you hours of manual administration.