DocSurvey for SharePoint

DocSurvey is an enhanced SharePoint Survey with a new quiz module that allows a questionnaire to be attached to a document stored in SharePoint. This makes it really simple to canvas staff opinion, or to test that people really understand the contents of your key documents. When DocSurvey is used alongside our flagship product, DocRead for SharePoint, it is very easy to assign a document (with a quiz) to a group of users and ask that they read, pass the test and confirm

Watch what DocSurvey and DocRead can do in just 45 seconds!

Feature Highlights

Get Staff Feedback

Get Feedback On Documents
Create surveys that allow staff to feedback their thoughts and opinions on a document or on a particular subject in your organization.

Educate through media

Video and HTML Questions
Create surveys containing HTML, video, flash and images, With our 'HTML Text' control, you can create a page packed with e-learning content.

Analyze the results

Download, Export and View Survey Reports
See the big picture on the current status of your Surveys and Quizzes. Pinpoint questions that staff are failing on. 

Test Staffs knowledge

Quiz, test, examine Staff
DocSurvey allows you to create quizzes & tests with minimum pass rates. We have also packed in tons of options to allow you control what gets shown.

Slice and dice the responses

Export Responses to Excel
As DocSurvey also stores the responses into a normal SharePoint List, it's possible to export, filter, sort and search the data.

Works seemlessly with DocRead

Distribute, Track and Assign with DocRead
When DocSurvey is used with DocRead you can easily assign reading tasks and ask staff to pass a quiz before being able to confirm.

Want to take a tour?

DocSurvey is enhanced when it's used alongside DocRead to distribute and track tasks. Take a 3 minute tour illustrating how the products work together : take the tour.