Create, Review and Approve

As DocRead for SharePoint is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint it has access to hundreds of features that set it aside from other solutions. In fact, DocRead extends SharePoint in such a way that it actually feels like it's part of the original product.

SharePoint offers best of breed document management and collaboration features. SharePoint is built and supported by one of the world's largest companies, Microsoft. This means that SharePoint leads the way when it comes to being a first class Enterprise document management solution.


The life-cycle of a document begins when a need for it is realized.

An initial document is uploaded to a SharePoint document library and is saved as a draft document. At this point it is only visible and accessible to staff members that you stipulate.

As the document is worked on, developed and reviewed each version is safely stored and audited within SharePoint. Alongside the document, metadata (fields of information) can also be created and populated, allowing for advanced filtering, sorting, searching and tagging.

When the document is ready to be approved, SharePoint makes it simple to send it through a workflow, which is also customizable and configurable. Once approved, a major version is created which triggers DocRead to distribute it to the audience members identified earlier.

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