Collaboris SharePoint Products

DocRead for SharePoint - Policy Management System

DocRead for SharePoint is a SharePoint solution to manage policies and procedures entirely from SharePoint. DocRead allows policy managers to upload a policy to a SharePoint document library and assign that policy to groups of users. Once assigned, the users are then given a configurable amount of time to read and confirm the policy. New users who get put into groups are also automatically required to read the policy, making DocRead an great solution for processes such as HR on-boarding, secondments and project related work.

SharePoint Action Framework (SAF) - Build Automation Framework

The SharePoint Action Framework is an extension to the SharePoint Feature framework, Stsadm or MSBuild. This is achived with Actions which are commands allowing automation of SharePoint (e.g. CreateWeb, AddUser, ImportList). Also possible to thread multiple Actions together.

SharePoint Data Acces Layer (SPDal) - Data Access Layer for SharePoint

A tried and tested Data Access Layer to read and write information to\from SharePoint Lists in a strongly typed way. 

ShareTest - Testing Framework for SharePoint and Selenium

Our latest project acts as guidance on how to get up and running with Selenium for testing SharePoint. The project consists of a lightweight framework to aid an assist in your testing efforts. In addition to this, we are also supplying all of our DocRead tests to serve as an example.