Buy DocSurvey & get DocRead Team Edition FREE!

Ever wanted to create quizzes in SharePoint? Now you can!! We've turbo-charged the 'out of the box' SharePoint Survey to give you the power to set exams, quizzes and tests so that staff can prove their skill level. In addition to all the great DocSurvey features - we're also offering a serious boost by bundling in DocRead for SharePoint:

  • Develop quizzes and surveys, set pass-rates and be certain that staff understand exactly what they're being tested upon. If they pass, they even get a certificate!
  • By using DocRead you can send your quiz to 100 staff and automatically track who has and hasn't passed. No more chasing. No more nagging. No more worrying. DocRead takes care of it for you.
  • Create and customize beautiful HTML E-mails at each stage of the process: Assigned, Overdue and Reminder.

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for the offer, simply purchase DocSurvey before the end of your trial.