Third-Party Risk & Compliance Software

Do you want to ensure that your trusted partners comply with your policies & procedures?

Working with Partners, Vendors and trusted third-parties is a very common scenario in today's organizations. However, along with the benefits this brings there are also risks that those trusted third-parties can cause you reputational damage or even leave you open to litigation.


Worried About Third-Party Risk & Compliance?

To help ensure your partners stay compliant with your internal policies and regulations we can help in 6 major ways:

  • Communicate and share content with your partners.
  • Ask partners to read and agree to your organizational policies.
  • Register new users and easily manage existing ones.
  • Audit who has agreed what policies and when.
  • Request feedback by a deadline you control.
  • Assign comprehension tests to ensure understanding.

The Perfect Solution For Third-Party Compliance

DocRead and Extradium can be used together with SharePoint to distribute policies and procedures to external third-party users.

How Extradium Works

Extradium (built by RioLinx, our partnering company) allows you to easily manage third-party access to secured content within SharePoint, without relying on the IT Department. This is achieved via a set of intuitive user management pages all built into SharePoint that can be utilised by Power-Users.

1. Add

Users either sign up with the Extradium 'sign-up' Web Part or can be conveniently added by an empowered business user.

2. Manage

Via the delegated administration site, power users are given the ability to perform user and group management without IT assistance.

3. Login

Once Users exist within your SharePoint Extranet, they are able to sign in and collaborate in the same way internal users can.

How DocRead Works

It's really easy to create, author and upload documents to SharePoint. However, it's not very easy to distribute those completed documents to external users and ask that they read and agree to them. DocRead offers several features to facilitate this common business process.

1. Create

New or existing documents stored in SharePoint document libraries are configured to be sent to external third-party groups with DocRead.

2. Assign

Once triggered, DocRead will distribute 'Reading Tasks' to third-parties asking them to comply and understand with the contents of your policies.

3. Monitor

A key component in any third-party compliance solution is the ability to track who has and hasn't confirmed your mandatory reading.

Why SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is the world’s leading document management and collaboration platform. To facilitate external communication with your trusted third-parties and partners, SharePoint offers features such as Search, Document and Workflow Management and content publishing, all backed with a security model that ensures only the right eyes see what they're supposed to.


Microsoft SharePoint is developed and supported by the world's largest software development company and is currently used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies.


SharePoint offers many features to aid communication and collaboration such as Surveys, Lists, Forums, Alerts, Web Parts, Announcements, Wiki Pages and many more.


SharePoint offers 1000's of features as standard but where a feature is missing, Microsoft fully supports the creation of third-party tools such as DocRead and Extradium.

Features Listed By Product


Document Management

All of your documents can be managed, viewed, tagged, secured, filtered, searched and shared with your partners with SharePoint Document Libraries.


Manage External Users

Extradium provides intuitive tools that allow you to invite, edit, delete and reset passwords for users within partner organizations.


Read & Acknowledge

DocRead enables you to request that third-party users read, acknowledge and optionally pass a test on your most important documentation.

Approval Workflows

SharePoint offers a configurable Workflow engine, making it possible to request approval, feedback or even signatgures before your documents are published.

Manage Groups

Extradium allows users to be managed within groups for convenience. This makes the management of permissions and circulation of required reading less time consuming.

Assign Quizzes

To truly be certain that a person comprehends the contents of your documents - a quiz (with pass-rate) can be configured to pop-up at the time of confirmation.

Secure SharePoint Sites

Each external organization (or partner) can be given access to their own SharePoint site where you can share documents and communicate with each other securely.

Registration & Sign-Up

Extradium offers a 'self-service', registration Web Part allowing users to request an account on your SharePoint Extranet. If appropriate the account may be approved.

Reading Reciepts

If an external user confirms they have read a document - a Positive Receipt is stored for auditing purposes. If a user doesn't agree to a document then a Negative Receipt is recorded.

Search & Find Content

One of the most common problems in organizations is that staff can't find what they need. SharePoint combats this problem with its built-in Search Engine.

Customize E-Mails

Extradium sends several types of E-mails to external users. Each E-mail template can be customized to match branding and to include dynamic content.

Real-Time Reporting

DocRead ships with several reports to allow Administrators and Line Managers to monitor the performance of each reading campaign.

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