The SPBiz Solutions Day is coming soon…

Here at Collaboris HQ the work never stops in bringing you new and exciting content and features.

The latest offering is the SPBiz Solutions Day a concept designed to give you some real world solutions to real world problems all in one place with the full interactivity of the SPBiz conference environment, to help you really get to grips with the solutions and products on show.

The Event

  • 9th September 2015 16:00 UTC (Provisionally)
    A number of vendors will be providing demonstrations on how their product can solve common business problem.
  • This solutions day is Sharepoint focused, covering all versions of on-premises Sharepoint
  • Each Session will be 1 hour with a demo lasting 30-45 minutes,
    Allowing time for questions, enquiries, and chat to really help get a full understanding of the solution on offer.

Further details Coming Soon

  • Details on on how to register, the vendors, and information about Asif Rehmani’s Keynote introduction will be coming soon.

Watch this space and the SPBiz site page for announcements and more details!!