SharePoint Best Practice Resources

10 Best Practices For Building SharePoint Solutions

An excellent article covering topics such as App Dev, Testing and Continuous Integration.

Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model

“Learn common issues encountered by developers who write custom code by using the SharePoint object model”

Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

“Learn best practices to follow when using Windows SharePoint Services objects to avoid retaining the objects in memory in the Microsoft .NET Framework”

Summary of sessions for the European Best Practices SharePoint Conference 2009

Syed Adnan Ahmed Kindly summarises what he discovered at the European Best Practices SharePoint Conference. He breaks the points down by Web Part Development, Custom Field Types and SQL Server Tuning.

Developer Best Practices Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007

Find up-to-date guidance about how to write Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 applications and customizations that perform well, avoid common pitfalls, and best use the features of the SharePoint object model.

How to Dispose using Try / Finally by Roger Lamb

Check out the low-down on Rogert Lambs blog on how deal with those SPSites and SPWebs. It compliments the MSDN linked above nicely!