SharePoint 2013 News

SharePoint 15 is coming and it’s coming to beta this year (we think). In reality – no one really knows – so I guess we need to sit tight and guess. I am intending to keep this list of useful SharePoint 15 resources up to date, over the next few months.

Office 15 Technical Preview – Open Specification Update

Sorted by Office product this is a list of all the open specifications for the new Office 15 family. The Zip files (containing the standards) are fairly hefty, and quite a dry read. To view them go to :

SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model SDK available

This download contains the following developer documentation:

SharePoint 15 Technical Preview Managed Object Model SDK: The documentation is all in a help file at present and doesn’t contain all of the classes in use. It also subject to change!

I looked at this last week, so why not read my Will SharePoint 15 finally get an app store ? post and see how looking at the SDK shows that there are quite a few classes making an appearance all with terms AppStore in the namespace.

SharePoint Conference 2012

This is THE main conference for SharePoint and is usually every other year. However, this time it’s coming this year, so we are expecting information on a beta release. Keep checking on the conference site, to see when the passes go on sale.

SharePoint 2013 will be built with the cloud in mind

Although, I never attended SPTechcon 🙁 – quite a few bloggers have noted in the keynote, that Jared Spataro noted that SharePoint has been builty with 3 main goals in mind. Namely,

  • Cloud – More and more Office 365 features, probably more integration with on-premise.
  • Social – More social features – to be faire 2010 was a good start but needed more.
  • Web – It’s currently quite pricey to get Internet Connector licenses, so be interesting to see if they can bring “publishing” to the masses at a more cost effective price. (Similar to what Telerik are doing with SiteFinity 4).


SharePoint 2013 to get an Education Module

If you look into the SDKs (ad linked above) it appears that SharePoint is going to offer support for Education services and also a client-side quiz model. The question we have, will this be a SCORM-compliant player, or something different? Having worked with the SharePoint MLG and SLK they are all good when setup, but it’s a long hard road to get there. is now live

If you Google for ‘SharePoint 2013’ or ‘SharePoint 15’, you no doubt end up at a very interesting site run by community titan – Bjorn Furuknap. I haven’t subscribed yet, but it looks like Bjorn spends a lot of time sifting through the technical side of the SDK’s. Quite the detective in my opinion, so good luck to him. The first edition is free, but he charges a meagre $14.95 for his monthly update. (A small price to pay for all the hours he puts in to bring us the scoop that we all want).

SharePoint Screenshot leaked

Apparently this is the new look of SharePoint 2013 (although i am sceptical). View screenshot

Beta is available in June

The beta is go go go! It looks like we are all going to get the public beta in June.

SharePoint 2013 Group on LinkedIn

There’s now a new group on Linked so that those who just can’t wait can discuss what’s happening around 2013. Click here to request to join.

SharePoint 2013 is likely to RTM in early 2013

If you checkout this post there’s a ‘leaked’ project plan showing that both Office and SharePoint will be launched in January / February of next year. Link is here

8 tips to get your ready for SharePoint 2013

Pretty good article on what to do in order to get ready for the next version. Tips I strongly agree with include :

Keep custom coding to a minimal – this is always a pain to upgrade and get your Governance Plan in shape. Link to David Roes Article