Hot Rumour : SharePoint 2013 beta launches 16 July

Oh no – just as we got DocRead working brilliantly on both SharePoint 2007 and 2010, it looks like we are about to get the new beta of Office 15 today!

We have suddenly had an influx of search phrases such as “SharePoint 2013 beta release” and “SharePoint 2013 July 16 release” which got me researching. I also noticed a tweet over the weekend stating this was the day. Apparently, at the Worldwide Partners Conference there was an unofficial announcement that the public beta will be made available to the world.

One of the most credible sources (and one who you would expect to have the inside scoop) are “USA Today”. They clearly state today is the launch day :

We set-up a group on Linked In a while ago called the “SharePoint 2013 User Group”, so feel free to come and join the discussion.

Let’s see if this rumour is true!