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Upgrading SharePoint Content Types

Upgrading SharePoint Content TypesIntroduction Well it’s now Saturday afternoon and the family have been out shopping all day, so I have taken the opportunity to conduct some tests that I had been meaning to do for a long time now (geek I hear you say). I wanted to find specifically what happens if you want […]

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Content Migration using SAF

Content Migration using SAFSAF contains 6 ready-to-use Actions that allow the Exporting and Importing of : – List Items – Lists – Webs The 3 pairs of Actions that allow you to do this, are namely : – ExportListItem & ImportListItem – ExportList & ImportList – ExportWeb & ImportWeb The actions are listed as pairs […]

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SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…

SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…Just a quick note (as a reminder to self). Here’s a list of the Custom Activity Type Names that you can refer to in your code : BlogUpdate DLMembershipChange SharingInterest SocialTaggingByColleague NoteboardPosts SocialTaggingByAnyone SocialRatings INTERNAL_ChangeMarker StatusMessage ProfilePropertyChange Birthday_Reminder Birthday_Today WorkplaceAnniversary_Reminder WorkplaceAnniversary_Today ColleagueAddition TitleChange ManagerChange This is useful for code such as […]

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SharePoint Best Practice Resources

SharePoint Best Practice Resources10 Best Practices For Building SharePoint Solutions An excellent article covering topics such as App Dev, Testing and Continuous Integration. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model “Learn common issues encountered by developers who write custom code by using the SharePoint object model” Best Practices: Using Disposable […]

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