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Regulatory Compliance – Workflow

Regulatory Compliance – WorkflowSharePoint Workflow allows a set of activities to process in either sequential or parallel, more often than not, one or more of those activities involves human intervention such as ‘approve a document’, or ‘complete a task’ and so on. This in itself goes a long way to ensure regulatory compliance because the right information is […]

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How does DocRead differ from Workflow?

How does DocRead differ from Workflow?DocRead for SharePoint is policy management software that integrates straight into SharePoint. It allows compliance professionals, HR professionals and business users to easily distribute and track policies and procedures. We often get asked – why do we need DocRead when we can use workflow? Here’s how DocRead differs from a workflow […]

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Why is DocRead different from competing software?

Why is DocRead different from competing software?We are very often asked how DocRead differs from its competitors. Here’s a recent response we gave (slightly tweaked to protect the identity of the requestor!): Great question! Although we have a few competitors in the same area of ‘compliance’ – as far as we know – we don’t have […]

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